Home Remedies for Dandruff

Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Dandruff Problem During Winter

During the winter season, When the temperature falls, it takes a serious toll on your health. Dandruff is one of the common problems in winters is usually caused by a dry scalp which can feel itchy. The dead cells from the scalp start forming tiny flakes and start falling off. For all this problem these home remedies are an effective way of treating dandruff. In this blog, Dr Aarti Parimal suggests some simple ayurvedic home

Ayurvedic Body Massage

Ayurvedic Body Massage at Home

Ayurvedic Body Massage Ayurvedic Body Massage is one of the most common and important Ayurvedic therapies. Also known as Abhyangam in Sanskrit. According to the Ayurvedic Classics, Abhayngam is an important dincharya (Daily Regimen) that is needed for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The massage technique used during Ayurvedic Massage is known to stimulate the lymphatic system. The Ayurvedic Massage stimulates the production of lymphocytes which play a vital role in maintaining the immunity in the

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Ayurvedic Herbs that help to reduce Stress and Anxiety

Reduce Stress and Anxiety Stress and anxiety are common these days as we face mounting responsibilities, environmental stressors, and depleted nutrients from food supplies. We can’t always control the things that cause stress and anxiety in our life, but we can change how we react to them. Many powerful Ayurvedic herbs can help to reduce stress and anxiety, without causing any side effects. Herbal stress and anxiety supplements, based on ancient medicinal knowledge, can be

Padabhyanga Massage

Ayurvedic Padabhyanga Massage

Padabhyanga Massage Padabhyanga is a Sanskrit word made up of two root words “Pada” which means Foot and “Abhyanga” which means massage using medicated oils. Ayurvedic Padabhyanga refers to foot massage using Ayurvedic herbal oil. It stimulates special points on the feet that lead to mental relaxation. Padabhyanga massage is commonly used as a precursor to some of the essential Ayurvedic therapies. Click on Below Video: Padabhyanga Padabhyanga massage commonly practiced as a daily ritual,