Advantages of Ayurveda Eye Care Therapy - AP Clinic Vadodara

Eyes are complex optical systems and important organs of the visual system. Our daily activities are dependent on our eyesight. The visual information is transformed into many activities. It also means that the eye is continually put under performance pressure and stress.

When the eye health is at its good, we experience the colourful manifestation of the world. But when the eye gets clouded by one or other disease, we fell that we have topped the list of cursed.

Ayurveda Eye Care Therapy

ayurveda eye care

Ayurveda offers the best time-tested therapy for eye disorders and eye strain. Patients should note that Ayurveda Eye Care Therapy are very sensitive and it requires a lot of discipline. Some cases may need to bandaging the eyes for a few hours. However, we ask the patients to avoid watching television, reading,  venturing in the sunlight and sleeping during the day time till the therapy is complete.

1. Nasya

Nasya is a technique in which it requires administering medicated oils in the nasal cavity. The oils and herbs that will benefit the most. Patient lies down and administers the oil into the nostrils. It calms down the nervous system, nourishes the nasal cavity, and reduces stress and weight around the eyes and the nose.

2. Shirodhara

In Shirodhara, patients to lie down on a wooden bed and place their head under a vessel designed to maintain a constant stream of the medicated liquid. The medicated liquid is a custom made mixture that is made of handpicked herbs, oils and buttermilk or milk. This therapy improves the blood circulation around the eyes and the forehead, relieves stress, activates the crown chakra and nourishes the scalp.

3. Tarpanam

Tarpanam is a simple and effective method to relax the eye strain. This Ayurvedic procedure includes keeping wheat flour dough above the eyes and filling them with warm ghee. This Ayurvedic procedure of Tarpana cools, and rejuvenates the eyes and also improves the inner vision by clearing out the subtle channels with inner and outer perception. It helps to relax itchy and dry eyes. It also helps to bring back brightness and clarity to the eyes as impurities are expelled out.

It is used to help the early formation of cataract, helps with Glaucoma, Chronic Conjunctivitis, sleep and promotes relaxation. This therapy is done by making a pool of pure herbal ghee over the eye. The eyes comfortably swim in the ghee for about 20 minutes. This therapy helps avoid optic nerve degeneration.

4. Netra Dhara

In this therapy, First, wash the patient’s eyes with a medicated liquid and apply a specially prepared herbal paste on the eyelids. If required, also add a few drops of medicated eye drops before applying the paste.

Home Remedies for Ayurveda Eye Care

ayurveda eye care

1. The juice from the fresh fruit of Amla is to be taken twice a day for the longevity of eyesight.

2. Rubbing the soles of the feet with ghee or mustard oil regularly may be of good help. 

3. Regular intake of pepper powder with honey acts as a boon for recovering the diminished vision.

4. Vitamin A, Mangoes are beneficial for the eyes. A regular intake of the same during the season is recommended for recovery from eyestrain.

5. Fresh juice of Rose petals is believed to improve the eye vision.

6. Regularly take half teaspoon powder of the herb of Liquorices twice a daily along with cow’s milk to improve the failing vision.