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Cantaloupe is also known as muskmelon and kharbuja. It is famous as rock melon and sweet melon all around the world. It is found in many shapes, varieties and colours. It was originated in the India, Iran and Africa whereas first cultivated in the Europe and then spread to various areas of the world. It is hugely found during summer season especially in the month from April to August.

Amazing fruit is having the cooling effect on the body during a whole summer season. Its high water, minerals and vitamins content are great sources of nutrition required to nourish the health. It is also good for the weight watchers because calorie wise it is less in numbers and comprises of more nutrition.


1. Calories-53 kcal
2. Fat-0.3 grams(negligible)
3. Carbohydrate-13g
4. Protein-1.3g
5. Sugar-12g

6. Dietary fiber-1.4 g
7. Vitamin A-3126 IU
8. Vitamin C-40.56mg
9. Potassium=531.96 mg
10. Folate:33.60 mcg


1. Benefits of Muskmelon for Digestive System

Its Contain High water and dietary fibres content help to get relief from constipation.

1] Provides Relief from Constipation

2] Provides Relief from Acidity

3] Stimulates Digestive Functioning

4] Regulates Bowel Movements

5] Provides Relief from Diarrhea



Muskmelon is good for skin beauty and skin problems. Also, adequate watery content, it is known for anti-oxidants, vitamin A and C, all these facilitate glowing skin.

1] Contains all Essential Nutrients

2] Maintains Skin Texture

3] Removes all Spots

4] Hydrates Skin

5] Induce Skin Regeneration


3. Benefits of Muskmelon for Women

It contains Vitamin C present in muskmelon which helps to regulate menstrual flow thus relieving women of menstrual cramps.

1] Regulates Blood Flow during Menstruation

2] Induce Breast Milk Production


4. Benefits of Muskmelon for Weight Loss

Muskmelon can be used for weight loss purposes. It is consisted of 95% of water and also full of fibre. Muskmelon gives the tendency of the full stomach and also discourages the desire of more eating.

1] Contains Low Calorie

2] Calms Down Hunger Pangs

3] Manages Weight


5. Benefits of Muskmelon during Pregnancy

Muskmelon has the suitable amount of folic acid, which prevents water retention by excreting excess amount of sodium.

1] Prevents Baby from congenital disabilities

2] Provides Reliefs from Morning Sickness


6. Benefits of Muskmelon for Heart

It has potassium that is good for cardiac problems. The presence of adenosine in Muskmelon makes blood thinning and reduces the chances of heart attack and strokes.

1] Reduces Risk of Heart Diseases

2] Regulates Blood Pressure

3] Prevents from Hardening of Arteries


7. Benefits of Muskmelon for Cancer Prevention

The vitamin C reduces free radicals thereby saving the cells of the body from damaged by them, and preventing the risk of getting cancer.

1] Prevents from Cancer

2] Prevents from Ageing


8. Benefits of Muskmelon for Diabetes

Muskmelons help regulate the blood sugar levels and help to control diabetes.

1] Regularizes Blood Sugar Level



It contains Vitamin B content, and adequate amount of protein in muskmelon strengthen your hair.

1] Promotes Hair Growth

2] Prevents from Hair Loss

3] Nourishes Hair Scalp



It is natural diuretic and laxative in nature, so it prevents from many problems like lack of appetite, infections, acidity.

1] Prevents from Digestive Disorders

2] Enhances Sexual Desire

3] Beneficial with Mishri and Lemon Juice



Muskmelon Seeds is having health benefits if consumed in the right way.

1] Treats Intestinal Worms Problem

2] Provides Relief from Stress


12. Benefits of Muskmelon Improves eye vision

The sufficient amount of vitamin A and carotene is good for the eye vision and prevent many eye related disorders


13. Benefits of Muskmelon Treats kidney stone

The Muskmelon Fruit helps to release toxins from the kidney because of the presence of abundant water.

It also contains oxykine, a biochemical substance that prevents kidney stone and other kidney disorders.

Other Benefits

(1) Provides Relief from Heartburn and Kidney Problems

(2) Prevents from Stone Formation and Bone Loss

(3) Makes Immune System Strong

(4) Prevents from UTI

(5) Boosts Body Energy

(6) Induces Better Sleep

(7) Protects from Eye Problems

(8) Maintains Electrolyte Balance

(9) Reduces Stress Level

(10) Prevents from Infections

(11) Helps in Various Problems

(12) Purifies Blood

(13) Keeps Brain Healthy and Improves Memory Power

(14) Rehydrates Body

(15) Improves Liver Health

Side Effects of Muskmelon

Muskmelon Fruit does not have any side effect or allergic fruit. Eating inorganically grown muskmelons should be avoided to get prevented from the pesticide residues. Eating more muskmelons fruit should be avoided during pregnancy, breastfeeding or any serious condition of the health.

Muskmelon precautions

1] One should not mix milk with watermelon as it can lead to cholera.

2] One should not take water just after eating muskmelon as it can cause loose motion.

3] The person who has asthma should avoid it.

4] Pitta dominant people should skip it.