Benefits of Babool

Healthy Benefits of Babool and How to Use It

A popular option in Ayurveda, Babool is a well-known plant, mostly known for its medicinal properties. Below are 14 healthy benefits of babool which is very helpful for your health.

Bark and Gum of Babool are very useful in numerous treatments:

  1. The bark of Babool is cooling, styptic, aphrodisiac, emetic nutritive, expectorant, constipating.
  2. The gum of Babool is also cooling, emollient, expectorant, liver tonic, aphrodisiac hemostatic, antipyretic and tonic.

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14 Healthy Benefits of Babool

1. Diarrhea

Take powder of Babool leaves. Take this powder with water in three hours break to correct stools.

2. Wounds

Take few tender Babool leaves powder. Sprinkle, this powder on the wounds, to get the quick healing.

3. Stop Excessive Trickle to the Eyes

Make a decoction of Babool leaves and boil it up to the liquid become semi-solid. Mix one teaspoon of this liquid with honey and apply it inside the eyes (Eye care therapy) to stop oozing.

4. Skin Disorders

The decoction of Babool bark is also highly useful as a drink, bath water and to wash lessons. It relieves burning sensation, restores normal color to skin and heals ulcers and wounds quickly.

5. For a Toothache

Burn the peel of its almonds and pod. Take this ash to brush your teeth. It treats a toothache. You can also use the soft branches to brush the teeth. It helps to strengthen your teeth and cures all types of infections.

6. Fractures

Take the powder of the Babool fruits; mix it with honey for fastening healing of fractures. Apply this for three days consequently.

7. Complexion of Baby

Chewing Babool leaves during pregnancy enables a woman to deliver a baby with clear, fair and glowing skin.

8. Cures for Jaundice

Take equal quantities of Babool flowers and sugar candy. Take the decoction thrice a day about 10 grams, to get quick improvement.

9. For Stomach Related Problems

To get recovery from stomach related problems first prepare a mixture from its inner bark and have it with buttermilk. It is helpful for curing all of the issues associated with the tummy.

10. Helpful in Pregnancy

Take 4 grams of Babool leaves powder every morning to get conceive quickly. When you take them during pregnancy, it helps to give physical strength.

11. Reduces Sweating

Take equal quantities of fresh harad and Babool leaves and grind it. Massage the body (Abhyanga) with this mixture and wait for half an hour. Take a bath, does it at least thrice a week like this to overcome over sweating.

12. Helpful in Lumbago

Take equal quantities of Babool – pod, bark and gum. Grind them all to make a powder. Have one teaspoonful of powder, thrice a day. Help to get relief from the pain in the waist.

13. Sexual Disorders

Take the pods and shades dry it and grind them. Mix them with sugar candy. Take one teaspoon of this mixture, every morning and evening. It helps to thicken the semen and cures most of the sexual related problems.

14. Aids in Metrorrhagia

Take Babool’s Gum and wheat in equal amounts. Grind them and have two teaspoonfuls of a mixture, every morning and evening. It controls excessive menstrual bleeding during periods.

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