Ayurvedic Hypnotherapy

hypnotherapy for anxietyThere is a place in our consciousness that moves us from within, often below our conscious awareness. In Ayurvedic this part is called as Chitta, the heart of consciousness. It is the house of deep-seated mind, our deepest desires and our enduring beliefs. It is the place where we stored all the past experiences and even what we want to avoid.

Ayurvedic hypnotherapy helps to change the nature of your life by supporting the revelation of your truths. As deep relaxation reduces the speed and claustrophobia (claustrum which means a closed-in place and Phobos meaning fear) of the mind, subtle energy patterns of negativity and frustration can be revealed. Frozen emotional energies can move. Autonomy can be regained in places where you have felt hopeless and helpless. You can find and change the programs that live in your subconscious mind.

Ayurvedic Hypnotherapy Method

hypnotherapy for painHypnotherapy is a method of accessing the heart of consciousness by entering in a meditative state of receptivity, the alpha state, a pleasurable state of deep relaxation in which the awareness of internal processes is enhanced as the external focus is withdrawn. Guided by the compassion and without judgment, the mind opens to what moves in the subconscious. This is where habits root and where we can find the freedom from such attachments.


  1. Frozen emotional charges can transform and flow.
  2. Habits that no longer serve you can be dropped.
  3. Physical, mental and emotional distress can communicate their meaning to you
  4. Negative connections with the other people and situations can be released.
  5. Subtle energy patterns of negativity and frustration can be reframed and transfigured.
  6. Autonomy can be regained in the situations where you have felt helpless and hopeless.

hypnotherapy for stressChanging Patterns

In the changing pattern, you can change the old programs of your unconscious mind that are not supportive of the life, and you would love to live. Though old patterns feel familiar and change can feel frightening or can seem too hard, current studies of consciousness, the brain, physiology and psychology have resulted in new ideas for making change easier and even

Hypnotherapy is one area that is growing in the popularity for this exact purpose. When one is guided into a receptive, relaxed, imaginative state, the psyche’s natural inclination to heal and grow can be unleashed. Using creative tools that loosen and reduce the problem state and maximize inner resources, people can find themselves feeling better and changing behaviour with unexpected ease. These therapeutic techniques can be helpful for anxiety, pain, phobias, self-esteem, habit formations, and frustration with the stuck behaviour.