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Health Benefits Of Dates

Dates are fruits of dates palm tree. These are known as “Kharjura” in Sanskrit. This fruit is favored worldwide, and Ayurveda acharyas and scientists appreciate its medicinal properties.  Based on the principle of ayurveda, They are alot of  Benefits of Dates. Dates are sweet to taste and increase moistness of tissues. It acts as body coolant and heavy to digest. It balances pitta and vata. These fruits have a lot of medicinal uses throughout history

Health Benefits of Gooseberry(Amla) - AP Clinic Vadodara

Health Benefits of Gooseberry(Amla)

Indian Gooseberry or Amla is a great and amazing natural fruit which is available in India in a sufficient amount in the winter season. One can use it or store it for his regular uses in all the seasons. It is the great fruits of the Ayurveda as most of the Ayurvedic preparation have amla. Amla is packed with the lot of nutrients, Vitamins, Polyphenols, Minerals iron, etc. It helps everyone to have a longer

Ayurvedic Skin Care Therapy for Healthy Glowing Skin - AP Clinic Vadodara

Ayurvedic Skin Care Therapy for Healthy Glowing Skin

Many amazing Ayurvedic therapy for skin available that helps in improving the texture of skin. Beautiful glowing, smooth skin is desirable to every woman and man. Genetically, we are wired to be attracted to people with clear skin and a glowing complexion because it's a sign of good health. Ayurveda has some time-proven tricks to make skin soft, clear, and radiant without spending a fortune or loading up on chemicals. First, we see that why

Healthy Benefits Of Grapes - AP Clinic Vadodara

Healthy Benefits Of Grapes

There are varieties of grapes to choose from. Each version of the grape has its taste and goodness. Some of the popular categories of grapes are: 1. Green grapes: Green grapes cultivars are Sugarone, Thompson seedless, and Calmeria. These are the sweetest and most found grape variety. 2. Red grapes: These ruby colored grapes have the simplest flavor. They include Red Globe, Emperor, Cardinal and Flame seedless grapes. 3. Black/Blue grapes: These grapes taste delicious

The Science of Ayurveda Tridosha - AP Clinic Vadodara

The Science of Ayurveda Tridosha

The elderly science of Ayurveda is the oldest known form of healthcare in the world. Ayurveda Often called the mother of all healing, and it originated in India. Ayurveda is a science of Self-understanding. By understanding your unique nature or constitution, you can begin to understand how you interact with the environment and make choices that lead you toward greater health. Ayurveda disease as the natural result of living out of harmony with one’s constitution.

Advantages of Ayurveda Eye Care Therapy - AP Clinic Vadodara

Advantages of Ayurveda Eye Care Therapy

Eyes are complex optical systems and important organs of the visual system. Our daily activities are dependent on our eyesight. The visual information is transformed into many activities. It also means that the eye is continually put under performance pressure and stress. When the eye health is at its good, we experience the colourful manifestation of the world. But when the eye gets clouded by one or other disease, we fell that we have topped

Tips to make Ayurvedic Hair Dye at Home - AP Clinic Vadodara

Tips to make Ayurvedic Hair Dye at Home

Ayurvedic has bestowed us with an amazing number of benefits. Whether it’s your skin, hair or your overall health, Ayurvedic never disappoints you with its range of natural remedies. When it comes to hair and coloring it, we usually fall prey to several cosmetic hair colors which often damage the hair to its core. Using chemical and ammonia based hair dye is dangerous for scalp and hair health. Also, power based hair dyes have chemicals