Ayurvedic Virechana Therapy

Ayurvedic Virechana Therapy

Panchkarma Ayurvedic Virechana Therapy Ayurvedic Virechana therapy is an effective Ayurvedic treatment, and this therapy is a type of Panchakarma treatment. The Panchakarma encompasses five treatments that can prevent and heal a number of physical, mental and emotional disorders. It is a medicated purgation therapy aims at purifying the whole body, It is used for ‘pitta‘ disorders. It requires pre and post procedures regimes for proper detoxification and cleansing. Click on Below Video: Panchakarma Treatment

Ayurvedic Potli Massage

Ayurvedic Potli Massage Therapy

Ayurvedic Potli Massage Ayurvedic potli massage therapy is one of the most popular massage therapies practiced in India, and this therapy is performed using heated herbal pouches which are also known as potlis and is used to relax, rejuvenate, nourish and they have a healing effect on the body. These are used to massage and provide heat to your body or specific areas like the neck, low back and joints.Potli Massage therapy is highly recommended

Ayurvedic Rasayana Therapy

Ayurvedic Rasayana Therapy in Panchakarma Treatment

What is Ayurvedic Rasayana Therapy? Ayurvedic Rasayana therapy is a healthcare system of Ayurveda. The word Rasayana is composed of two terms Rasa and Ayan. Rasa means “nourishing juice”, and Ayan means “pathways”, So term Rasayana means by which one gets the excellence of Rasa is known as Rasayana. Apart from the excellence of Rasa, the person is endowed with Psychic excellence like mental stability and alertness, by rejuvenation therapy. Drugs, diet and regimens which

Beauty Hacks for Glowing Skin

Ayurvedic Beauty Hacks for Glowing Skin this Navratri

Beauty Hacks for Glowing Skin Navratri Festival is coming soon, and everyone wants to look their best. Navratri not only calls for the perfect traditional costume and perfect makeup that keeps you picture perfect, but it also calls for the healthy and glowing skin. People are celebrating the 9-day long festival of Navratri, and everyone wants to look their best, so for them here we recommend you some best ayurvedic beauty hacks for glowing skin


What is an Ayurvedic Diet?

Ayurvedic Diet Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine originated in India and is about 5000 years old. The name “Ayurveda” is a combination of two Sanskrit words that indicate life (Ayur) and science (Veda), so the translation of Ayurveda is “the science of life.” Ayurvedic medicine seeks to create a strong, healthy body through a series of diet, exercise and lifestyle practices, including sleep and mindful living. Types of Ayurvedic Doshas Characteristics of an

Improving Eyesight

Ayurveda Tips for Improving Eyesight

Tips for Improving Eyesight ‘Drishti Dosha’ is the Ayurvedic name for defective eyesight. Alochaka Pitta is responsible for maintaining and improving eyesight, and it weakens with age. Proper caring is one preventative measure that helps for the eyes. Various methods are used to improve eyesight in ayurveda. If proper care is not taken, it can result in various eye problem such as age-related macular degeneration, which is a leading cause of blindness in the world.