Health Benefits Of Mangoes Part 1 - AP Clinic Vadodara

Health Benefits of Mangoes Part 1

Apr 28
Mangoes is a flavour, sweetness and full of nutrients is considered as King of Fruits.  The fruit is enriched with vitamins, phytochemicals, polyphenols, carotenoids, antioxidants, omega-3 and Omega-6, etc. Different types of mangoes 1. Kesar 2. Daseri 3. Gola 4. Safeda 5. Hafus 6. Chausa 7. Rasbahar 8. Banarasi Langdo 9. Sharanpuri 10. Fazli 11. Tamuri 12. Tota 13. Malda 14. Tapka 15. Bahist 16. Nilam 17. Sinduriya Mango uses multiple forms of Chutneys, Pickles,

Benefits of Fennel Seeds

Apr 21
Fennel Fennel seeds are eaten for the taste but also very healthy owing to nutrition values. Fennel is an aromatic and flavorful herb that has several culinary and also in medicinal uses. Fennel also called Common fennel, sweet fennel, bitter fennel, carosella, Florence fennel, finocchio, garden fennel, large fennel, wild fennel.  Fennel Seeds India is the largest exporter of fennel seeds. Most Indian households are to have few fennel seeds at the end of every

Exam Time Tips to Boost Up Memory

Apr 14
1. Meditate Meditation can help you to stay focused when studying. Meditation also helps you concentrate when studying but it will help to reduce pre-exam stress as it improves both mental and physical health. 2. Don't skip the physical exercise The physical performance increases alertness and oxygen supply to the brain, and even increase cell growth in the parts of the brain which is responsible for memory. While mental exercise is important for brain health,
Benefits of Muskmelon - AP Clinic Vadodara

Benefits of Muskmelon

Apr 07
Cantaloupe is also known as muskmelon and kharbuja. It is famous as rock melon and sweet melon all around the world. It is found in many shapes, varieties and colours. It was originated in the India, Iran and Africa whereas first cultivated in the Europe and then spread to various areas of the world. It is hugely found during summer season especially in the month from April to August. Amazing fruit is having the cooling