Kerala Special Treatment

The expertise of ancient kerala physicians in developing effective modifications for the practical applications of panchakarma has been extinsively accepted. Kerala holds a very rich tradition of healing deep routed to its culture and social life.

Dr. Aarti Parimal has added another feather to her cap by taking full time training in ‘Kerala Special Treatment’ and has obtained a certificate from nagarjuna ayurvedic institute.


She has mastered the following treatment :

Kerala Special Treatment

» Abhyanga ( massage)

» Kayaseka with oil.

» Shastika pinda swedam

» Shastika pinda lepam

» Patrapotaliswedam

» Choorna pnda swedam

» Lemon pinda swedam

» Valuka swedam

Kerala Special Treatment

» Odu kizhi

» Mutta kizhi

» Nellikkathalam

» Vennathalam

» Thalapothichil

» Kseeradhmam

» Thakra dhara